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Langhorne's #1 Birth Doula

Welcome! I'm Julia, a Langhorne based birth doula, certified by DONA and trained in empowering birth practices. Whether you envision a calm hospital birth or a serene home delivery, I offer a holistic approach to honor your unique desires. I will help equip you with knowledge and celebrate your every triumph as you welcome your precious little one into the world. Choose Mother Birth for a birth experience filled with confidence, comfort, and unwavering care in Langhorne.

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Devoted to providing unwavering support and compassionate care to expectant mothers. My mission is to provide holistic support for a satisfying birth process. Together, we cultivate a space of reverence and joy, empowering you to embrace your inner strength and welcome your precious child with open arms.

Birth Doula

A doula assists in navigating birth choices that align with your specific wants and desires. The role encompasses emotional support, gentle encouragement, physical comforts and empowerment during labor, ensuring your choices are upheld. 


Want to learn more? Interested in learning how to hire a doula in bucks county? 

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"I was so glad to have Julia as a part of my birth! She helped make sure that I had the natural birth I truly wanted. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a birth doula!"


Top Rated Birth Doula

At Mother Birth, we value our clients. We understand how intimate pregnancy and childbirth is which is why our team of dedicated professionals take great care in learning your unique needs. Our owner Julia, has over 4 years of experience serving families in the Greater Philadelphia Area. She has earned her certifications through DONA and The HypnoBirthing Institute as well taken training through ProDoula, Spinning Babies and the Body Ready Method. 

Langhorne's Go-To Doula

Along with birth doula services we also offer HypnoBirthing classes and birth planning sessions. We'll help you feel prepared for every aspect of pregnancy and birth. Whether you are birthing at a hospital, birth center or home, you can trust our team to walk you through all avenues. Our aim is to empower you with knowledge and confidence, ensuring that you feel well-prepared for everything to come. Read on learn more about our dependable services. 

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Proudly serving the Greater Philadelphia Area and beyond, including: Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Main Line, Montgomery County, South & Central Jersey and Delaware

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