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Father holding newborn baby

“I was so incredibly nervous about giving birth that I started having some minor panic attacks as third trimester started. I felt like I didn’t understand why giving birth was such a medical event, assisted by so many artificial means and pain medication, when only a few generations ago people were giving birth naturally. Oddly enough, I work in the healthcare field as a Nurse Practitioner and just assumed for a long time that I would give birth “normally” - with an epidural, in the hospital, with the understanding that I could very well end up with a c-section, just like my mom. Until I made the decision to see a midwife and talk about birthing options, I thought natural birth was for only certain, very dedicated people. She suggested I look into HypnoBirthing, as she said it did wonders for her, and I am so incredibly happy that we found Julia Marcel to teach the course to us and guide us along the way. I took two Tylenol a few hours into laboring, stayed at home as long as possible with Julia and my midwife’s guidance, and gave birth naturally, without anything other than some IV fluids, only a few hours after going to the hospital. Our baby girl was bright and alert after birth - which everyone commented on - and besides crying to eat she was a very calm and happy, alert newborn. She even “smiled” and “waved” at us just hours after birth, which was incredible. We can not thank Julia and HypnoBirthing enough.”

HypnoBirthing Client

"Julia stayed for a long duration of our unexpected labor/birth journey. Julia provided us her undivided attention at every interaction we had with her. She is really gentle, caring, and asked us great reflective questions at each point as we prepared and processed choices along the way in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I also appreciated the physical support during labor for managing pain and changing positions."

Birth Doula Client

"Julia is the best! I highly recommend her classes. I knew that I wanted to have a HypnoBirth for this pregnancy and found Julia online when I was around 32 weeks pregnant. My partner and I completed her 5-week course and feel so ready and prepared for my birthing day! We both really enjoyed the program and found it so helpful. I feel like I can use the techniques I learned not only in birthing but also in my everyday life to help relax. Julia is an amazing teacher and will help you achieve your birthing goals!"

HypnoBirthing Client

new parents holding newborn baby

"Julia was an amazing doula for my birth experience. From preparatory work to support on the day of, she was significant in helping me feel well taken care of across all aspects. Not only is her labor knowledge comprehensive, her ability to be an advocate in the hospital realm is instrumental. I would highly recommend her support for any expectant mother. Thank you Julia!"

Birth Doula Client

"Fabulous! My husband and I needed to find something online and we found Julia. I cannot say enough good things!! She was an amazing teacher. We had a twin home birth with little to no pain and I truly believe it was due to the techniques Julia taught us. Julia prepared us so well! Cannot say enough good things!!"

HypnoBirthing Client

"Julia started as my HypnoBirthing teacher before becoming my doula. I instantly connected with her! Her knowledge and confidence helped me put my fears at ease. Having her in my birthing room was such a calming presence."

HypnoBirthing & Birth Doula Client

image of mom holding her newborn

"I don't know what we would have done without Julia. She helped myself and my worried partner feel so much better about this entire process. We knew we were in good hands every step of the way. She is such a heart warming person with a bright personality, you can tell right away that she is made for this profession. Our family will always recommend Julia and all the services she provides. Thank you so much for everything!"

Birth Doula Client

"Julia was such great support during my labor. She helped me feel calm during what could've been a very stressful situation. I felt empowered the whole time and couldn't do it without her and her expertise. I highly recommend Julia as your next doula!"

HypnoBirthing & Birth Doula Client

"Julia worked with my husband and I after I had to give up my homebirth dreams due to health complications. Transferring to hospital care was intimidating to me and I felt out of control. Julia came in right at the perfect time and helped me find my voice and advocate for myself and my baby. She also helped guide my husband in being the birth partner I needed. Not only did we use her birth doula services but we also did her hypnobirthing classes and everything was such a positive experience. She’s extremely knowledgeable, responsive, encouraging, flexible, understanding and just the person we needed on our birth team. We will always recommend Julia!"

HypnoBirthing & Birth Doula Client

image of mother holding her baby

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