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than birth.

Your birth is more than just the outcome of having a healthy baby. It's about YOU experiencing labor deeply empowered with unwavering support for your choices. Birth doulas can help!

See which pregnancy and birth doula options are right for you and your family!

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Initial Consultation:

  • A complimentary meeting to discuss your needs, expectations, and goals for your birth journey and doula support

Prenatal Support:

  • One prenatal visits to create a personalized birth plan, discuss comfort measures, and practice relaxation techniques

  • Email and phone support to address any concerns or questions during your pregnancy

On-Call Availability:

  • On-call 24/7 starting three weeks before your estimated due date until labor begin

  • Prompt availability to join you during active labor, providing continuous support throughout

Labor and Birth Support:

  • Continuous presence and birth doula support during labor and birth, whether at home, birthing center, or hospital

  • Assistance with relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, comfort measures, positioning, and advocacy

  • Emotional support for both woman and her partner

Postpartum Visit:

  • Optional postpartum visit to offer support, debrief the birth experience, and provide resources for postpartum recovery

Investment: $1,700


All the services included in the Birth Doula package and childbirth education:

  • 5 session private HypnoBirthing course lead by a certified instructor. Each week, you'll delve deeper into relaxation techniques, visualization, and breathing exercises

  • Course textbook, HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method

  • Digital downloads for your relaxation, including the Rainbow Relaxation

  • A workbook with written scripts for your home practice

Investment: $2,000

newborn photo session
newborn photo session



  • A free 15 minute virtual meeting

Custom Birth Plan Creation:

  • A 2 hour virtual personalized meeting to discuss your birth preferences, questions, concerns, and expectations

  • A collaborative development of a comprehensive birth plan tailored to your specific preferences

  • In-depth exploration of birthing options, interventions, and special considerations

Editing and Refinement:

  • Review and edit your birth plan as needed, ensuring it aligns with your evolving preferences

  • Guidance on incorporating any new insights or changes to enhance clarity

Downloadable Preferences:

  • Receive a digital version of your finalized birth plan for easy sharing with care providers

  • Access downloadable resources, checklists, and templates for ongoing reference

Investment: $95


Interested in how to find a doula in Philadelphia? Want to see if we are a good doula match?

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers--strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

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My Birth Doula Philosophy

I trust your body and I trust your instincts. My mission as your birth doula is to provide emotional and physical support as your body does what it was designed to do. I resonate with the quote: "A normal, physiological process...needs only patience of birth attendants to resist the temptation to disturb its rhythm and flow." I aim to embody this, to be your patient cheerleader, to be supportive, to offer resources, suggest comfort measures and be a calm, reassuring presence as you labor and birth your baby!


What is a birth doula?

Doulas are non-medical birth professionals. I provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support before, during, and immediately after birth. A birth doula supports a woman’s choices and aims to help her have the birth outcome she desires. A birth doula understands the physiology of birth and will help you and your partner feel supported. I support your rights to make decisions about birth, whether that be navigating your birth preferences, options and resources and discussing what postpartum looks like for you. 

When should I hire a doula?

You can hire a doula at any point during your pregnancy, but typically interviewing doulas starts around 20-25 weeks, the earlier the better! 

I think I want a doula, but my partner is nervous. Will you replace him or her?

Not at all! My role is to make sure your partner is fully integrated and feels cared for too. A doula can help navigate the birth space while empowering your partner to play an integral l role of in your labor and delivery. We work as a team and 

Do you combine HypnoBirthing with doula work?

I have many HypnoBirthing clients hire me as a doula. I do recommend you take the full HypnoBirthing 5 session series however, we can incorporate some of the relaxations into your labor. If you live in the Greater Philadelphia area or South Jersey, I also offer in-home classes!

What is the cost of a doula, and what does it typically include?

The birth doula packages start at $1,600. I offer payment plans to accommodate your budget. Hiring a birth doula is an investment and I want to be transparent in my pricing while striving to eliminate any hidden fees. The quoted price typically covers prenatal visits, continuous labor support and a postpartum visit. 

Are your birth doula services in Philadelphia covered by insurance?

Birth doula services may not be covered by insurance, I recommend checking with your provider. I can provide the necessary documentation to assist you in seeking reimbursement if your insurance plan allows. 

What is your radius for doula care?

I support birth all throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. I consider myself a Philadelphia doula but have supported many births in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware, and South Jersey! For your own comfort and reassurance, I typically keep my radius to one hour outside of Philadelphia.

More FAQ's can be found here!

Do you want a peaceful birth experience?
A birth professional can help you achieve the birth in an atmosphere of calm relaxation with minimal fear.

Meet Your Doula

Hi I'm Julia! I am a certified HypnoBirthing educator and a certified DONA birth doula in Philadelphia. I am passionate about supporting women throughout the extraordinary journey of pregnancy and childbirth! As a dedicated and certified birth doula, I create sacred spaces of empowerment and tranquility, where women can embrace the joy of this transformative time. I will be by your side, providing the tools and confidence you need to embark on this incredible journey with grace and strength. 

I wholeheartedly believe that the journey toward motherhood should be a harmonious blend of knowledge, support, and personal connection. I eagerly await the opportunity to work alongside you as your Philadelphia doula, to create an experience that celebrates your unique path and leaves you feeling empowered, cherished, and deeply fulfilled. Let's embark on this remarkable journey together! 

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Proudly serving the Greater Philadelphia Area and beyond, including: Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Main Line, Montgomery County, and South & Central Jersey

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